Keeping Your Dog Out of Your Bed

Published: 18th May 2010
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Your dog may have gotten used to sleeping on your bed with you when he was a pup but as he grows up, it could become a problem. Think about the future and such scenarios where:

- You get married.

- Your dog grows up.

- You get sick or your dog gets sick.

- Your dog has puppies.

These are when a dog that gets used to sleeping with you becomes a problem. Getting him out can become quite difficult. Since the softest and most comfortable spot in the house rightfully and instinctively belongs to the leader, you would probably have some troubles keeping an aggressive and assertive dog away.

At these times, you must dominate the situation. Even if your dog ahs already grown up considerably, you could still restore balance in the household and make him stay in his proper place- away from your bed.

Here are some steps that you can do to ease the transition:

Buy a dog bed.

Naturally, your dog needs a place to sleep if you would deprive him of his usual quarters. One trick is to get a bed that is really comfortable, so that he would prefer that over your bed. Get a designer dog bed or a big luxurious bed if you can.

Train Your Dog

Train your dog to get off your bed. Use keywords or phrases like "No" or "Off" in your training sessions. Repeated attempts and training will yield desired results. You can even use a leash to control your dog. Reward or praise him appropriately when he gets to do what you desire. This kind of training is most effective on younger dogs. If you have an older, more stubborn dog, you can always call a professional dog trainer.

Change Your Habits

If perhaps, it is your company that your dog seeks, then you could change your habits for a while and see his reactions to them. You could sleep in a guest room while you lock your main bedroom. Sleep in a narrower bed and let him sleep in his new designer dog bed beside you

If you want to find out more on how to keep you dog out of your bed, you can drop by at the petbitat site for more Designer dog beds info's and designs.

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